April 2018:
from left to right: Alex, Zhuoyan, Magdalena, Elmar, Christoph, Nikolai, Antje, Gayathri.
Not on the picture: Monika

Elmar Behrmann
Freigeist Fellow

11/2017Professor for Structural Biochemistry, University of Cologne
01/2017independent Max-Planck group leader, Caesar Bonn
11/2014:FreiGeist Group Leader; Caesar Bonn
2012-2014   PostDoc with Christian Spahn; IMPB - Charité Berlin
2008-2012PhD student with Stefan Raunser; MPI of Molecular Physiology
2008Diploma student with Reinhard Jahn; MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
2003-2008Studies in biochemistry; University of Bielefeld, MPI Göttingen and University of Notre Dame
Awards & Fellowships
10/2014:Fellow of the Young "Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung"
04/2014:Freigeist Fellow of the VolkswagenFoundation
2012Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max Planck Society
2009-2012Fellow of the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie"
2003-2005Fellow of the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie"



Nikolai Krupp
PhD student

12/2014:member of the group
2012-2014   M.Sc. in Applied Physics, University Koblenz



Gayathri Jeyasankar
PhD student

04/2015:member of the group

M.Sc. FOKUS Life Sciences, Graduate School of Life Sciences, University Würzburg



Monika Gunkel
Post-Doctoral Fellow

10/2015:    member of the group
2013-2014   PostDoc with U. Benjamin Kaupp, Caesar
2010-2013PhD with U. Benjamin Kaupp, Caesar
2009Diploma Student with Helmut Schmitz, FWU Bonn



Alexandra "Alex" Schneider
technical assistant

07/2016:    member of the group


Degree Biology Laboratory Assistant, Caesar



Antje Baumgartner
technical assistant

10/2016:    member of the group




Zhuoyan Chen
PhD student

02/2017:member of the group

M.Sc. Biochemistry, Eberhard Karls University (Tübingen) and College of Life Sciences Capital Normal University (Beijing)



Magdalena Schacherl
Post-Doctoral Fellow

03/2017:    member of the group
2011-2017   PostDoc with Ulrich Baumann, University of Cologne
2007-2011PhD with Ulrich Baumann, University of Bern and University of Cologne
2006Diploma Student with Wolfgang Höhne, Berlin



Lab Alumni:

11/2015 - 06/2016: Kai-Michael Kammer, M.Sc. Student

Previous Group Pictures:

October 2017:
standing: Nikolai, Gayathri, Alex, Antje
sitting: Monika, Magdalena, Elmar, Zhuoyan
September 2016: Monika, Elmar, Gayathri, Nikolai, Alex and Antje
January 2016: Monika, Kai, Nikolai, Gayathri and Elmar